Q - Where is Dewyface located?
We are based in Cape Town, and we currently only ship within South Africa.

Q - How do you source your K-beauty products?
All K-beauty and K-fashion products seen on our store are authentic Korean products manufactured and distributed from Korea. We are a licensed importer and exporter shipping directly from Korea to South Africa. We source directly from the Korean brands or trusted wholesale distributors. At Dewyface we only sell products that have been tested and recommended by Jeanie and her team. 

Q - Do you stock local South African brands?
Yes, local is lekker! Currently we are stocking our own local label, Dewyface and we hope to continue to expand our local production. 

Q - How do the manufacture and expiration dates work on Korean products?
Most K-beauty products are labeled with a manufacturing date (제조) instead of the expiry date (까지). Beauty products generally have a lifespan of two to three years from the manufacturing date, however each product will vary. If you notice you're product is dated earlier to your purchase date, this is the manufacturing date (제조) - we value our customers and make 100% sure to check the dates are valid. 

 Feel free to contact us at hello@dewyface.com if you are unsure.

Q - Where can we find Dewyface stores?
We are currently only based online. Follow us on social media to stay update with the latest Dewyface pop-up events near you.

Q - Do you sell organic beauty brands?
It is important to understand why preservatives are essential in most products, without preservatives cosmetic products can become contaminated and could lead to serious health risks. The science and safety behind your products is very important. For a product to be 100% organic, it would also need to be entirely preservative free which is very risky for the end user. Be wary of any 100% organic cosmetics. 

Good news is that Korean beauty brands offer unique products that are scientifically formulated using natural and gentle ingredients with functional and beneficial properties.

Q - I don't know anything about K-beauty, where do I start?
Choosing the right skin care is very personal because every person's skin is different. It is a process to find the products most suitable for your skin needs. You will find what works for you by trying different products that will benefit your skin type.

You can learn more about our K-beauty and their skincare routines here on the dewyBlog and take a look at our K-beauty kits here.

Q - I'm looking for a specific K-beauty product, can you help me?
Feel free to send us your K-beauty requests, to hello@dewyface.com , we’d love to get your input!

If you have any further questions, please send us a message at hello@dewyface.com or on our social media platforms, Instagram or Facebook. To see our delivery and returns policy click here.