Welcome to Dewyface, a lifestyle destination for the conscious consumer. 
I'm Jeanie, a creative, trained in fashion design and film production. I created this platform to express my ideas through fashion, beauty and lifestyle. I founded Dewyface in 2016 whilst living abroad in South Korea, with my husband Sunam. I was inspired by K-beauty and K-fashion and was eager to share my experience back home in South Africa. 

Why I recommend K-beauty & K-fashion? 
Korea is regarded as Asia's pop culture influencer, attracting a following from all over Asia and is gaining popularity across the world. When it comes to quality, innovation and technology, K-beauty is at the forefront. Korean beauty brands offer unique products that are scientifically formulated using natural ingredients with functional and beneficial properties. As a designer I'm also passionate about Korean contemporary street fashion, it's got trend appeal that doesn't go out of style and a minimalist approach that lends to its understated cool factor. Korean fashion apparel is manufactured to great quality standards and made from beautiful fabrics.   

At Dewyface we have a skin first approach to beauty, focusing on achieving radiant, healthy dewy looks. We hope to be a leading forecaster in contemporary fashion, bringing you consciously selected fashion collections that will add value to your wardrobe. Our mission is to curate and create the best quality products designed to dewify your daily life! 

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xo Jeanie