K-beauty street brands Part. 1

K-beauty street brands Part. 1

There are an infinite selection of superb K-beauty brands that are lovely. Plus there are new brands popping up all the time, so it's truly hard to narrow them down. But I thought I should start by introducing the brands I got to know best whilst living in South Korea and why they stand out as established K-beauty stores! 

Let's start off with an insanely cute brand known for its adorable and innovative take on packaging ... you might have guessed it... Tonymoly!

Tonymoly was established in 2006 and the name is a true depiction of what this brand is all about: 'putting style into packaging'. Tonymoly was one of the first K-beauty brands I tried when arriving in Korea back in 2015. I bought my first cushion foundation from Tonymoly, and I remember thinking what is this magical cushion, and why have I never heard about it in South Africa?! I had this dreaded feeling, like I had been missing out on some of the most amazing make-up products that weren't even heard of back home in SA. From that first cushion I was immediately sold on K-beauty and knew I had to find out more. 

Skinfood, was another first time Korean skincare brand that I tried. Funny enough my husband introduced me to this brand. We had just recently settled in Korea and both of us needed to go buy some new skincare products. We went skincare shopping at our local E-mart and he took me to the Skinfood vendor. I was immediately sold by how versatile this brand looked. It was attracting both girls and guys and had some really interesting food-based star ingredients. I had never really come across a skincare brand so invested in showcasing the nutrient benefits of fruits, vegetables and other food based ingredients. Skinfood offered a unique and exciting new approach to regard skincare. The brand's love for nature is so beautifully told through their artwork design and packaging.

Next I discovered the ultimate girly girl cosmetic shop known as Etude House. What struck me about Etude House was their unique girlishly cute store front. From the outside it resembles a pink dolls house, inviting you to go inside and play with the wonderful array of beauty products. And before long I was hooked on some of the best cult favorite K-beauty products you can find! Etude House manages to evoke the little girl in young and old alike. What's great is their skincare and makeup products aren't just adorably cute but they are of such good quality standards that you'll be raving about them to all your friends and family!

Now if you are not a K-beauty newbie, you definitely know of the K-beauty brand, Innisfree. When I think of Innisfree, I picture its signature lush green plant wall and fresh morning dew. There's something so inviting about Innisfree, that's probably why it's one of the most loved K-beauty brands. The brand has an effortless minimalist approach to beauty with the ability to reconnect us with the serenity of Mother Nature through stunning nature inspired products. The first mask sheet I tried in Korea was by Innisfree, and from then on I was obsessed with the brand. 

I discovered The FaceShop when I was looking for new cleansers to use in Korea, and I was pleasantly surprised at how effective their cleansing products are. I love their natural formulations and have since included their cleansing products in my must have list. The FaceShop is an understated brand boasting cult favorite products like the Rice Water Bright cleansing range and Jeju volcanic lava products. 

Nature Republic is a wonderful brand that offers great quality products at affordable prices. I love Nature Republic Real Nature Mask sheets and I can't live without their Aloe Vera Soothing Gel. Creating effective affordable products that are packed with nature's goodness, what's not to love about Nature Republic. 

Well that wraps it up for Part.1 of this blog. Stay tuned for the follow-up where I continue to share the K-beauty brands I know and love.

Until next time,

Annyeong (안녕!)

 xox Jeanie







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