Finally the sun is out in Cape Town! What a relief, it felt like winter was never going to leave us.

Most often our skin can become really dry and dull during and after our long winter season. Here I've selected my favorite products that I used during the winter and will still continue to use after to replenish my skin with extra-hydration. 

1. Aloe Gel

Aloe gel is a holy grail product for me. I've seen it do wonders for my skin. It really has multiple benefits that I will touch on briefly. First of all I found it helped clear up uneven skin. Before I started using aloe gel in Korea I had many small bumps on my forehead that just didn't want to go away. But after continuous use I started seeing drastic change, and I have completely cleared those unwanted spots for good. So I believe it has natural properties to reduce skin irritation and inflammation. Aloe gel is soothing and replenishes dried skin. The way I recommend to use it is as a hydration step before you apply your cream moisturizer. 


2. Facial mist


The key to dewy skin is to hydrate! So I recommend using a facial mist throughout the year on a daily basis. However you will especially need it at hand during the winter months. Whenever your face feels dried up, give your skin a boost of moisture it's thirsting for. Keep a face mist in your purse, or at your desk and make it a habit to dewify your face regularly! 

3. Black Sugar scrub

Exfoliate! This is a no brainer, your skin is dry you need to rejuvenate and get the circulation going. Use this award winning scrub atleast twice a week to get rid of those dead skincells and promote radiant skin. 

4. Essence

Applying a moistful essence after cleansing can really refresh your skin. Especially when your skin really needs some extra help to lock in moisture. 

5. Sleeping Pack


Isn't it great to know you can treat your skin whilst you sleep and wake up the next morning with a soft nourished face. Sleeping packs are such a great addition to skincare. During the winter and change of season it's great to have a sleeping pack on hand when your skin needs some extra love and care.

 Try out our top five picks for the month and let us know what you think!

xo Jeanie


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