A Mask sheet a day keeps the wrinkles at bay

A Mask sheet a day keeps the wrinkles at bay

A stroke of genius cosmetic innovation and technology, Korea is leading the game in sheet masks.

If you're a K-beauty newbie you might ask...

What are these ghostly things?

 Well, they come in many shapes and forms but ultimately they are face-shaped sheets usually made from cotton, fiber or gels soaked in nutrient rich serum solutions. They might make you look a bit silly but trust me your skin will thank you for it! Different to regular 'paste' type masks these sheet masks do not get washed off. They come individually packaged, are fast and easy to use. 

Sheet masks are widely popular in Asia and they are regularly used in skincare routines. They have gained popularity in Western countries as many celebrities have donned a mask or two in their social media posts. 

 How to use them?

Well it's quite simple really. Take some 'me-time', relax and unwind to get the full joy out of the sheet mask experience. After cleansing your face, prep the skin with toner. Apply the sheet mask and relax for 10-20 minutes for the treatment to do it's magic. Remove the sheet mask and voila instant dewy skin! 

A useful tip: I like to store my sheet masks in the refrigerator to amp up the effect and keep them fresh!

I highly recommend you give them a go! Practice mindfulness and self-care by using a mask sheet just before you sleep. Not only does it dewify your skin but it does wonders to ease down after a busy day. Be kind to yourself and put on a sheet mask, because you deserve it!

xo Jeanie




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