Why K-beauty?

Why K-beauty?

K-beauty is more than just a hype, Korea has been in the skincare game oh, since about 700 BCE. It's an age old tradition and they have been passing down their techniques from generation to generation. 

Koreans are masters at taking care of their skin. In Korean culture they take pride in appearance, putting your best self forward in work and life is highly regarded.

Starting at a young age Korean kids are taught the proper techniques to take care of their skin, so it becomes second nature when they've grown up to exfoliate, moisturize and use SPF. In Korea skincare is not only regarded as a female pass time, no, in fact the boys are just as invested in taking care of their skin. In Korea there is no shame for men to indulge in skincare.

To put it briefly Korean skincare is all about deep cleansing, targeting skin issues with intense treatment formulations and preventing skin damage and aging. Korean consumers use products consistently to gain the benefits rather than expecting immediate results. They don't believe in just covering up bad skin with makeup, instead they focus on getting to the root of skin problems and taking the precautions to prevent it. 

When it comes to quality, innovation and technology, K-beauty is at the forefront. Ranking among the top ten beauty markets in the world. Korean beauty brands offer unique products that are scientifically formulated using natural ingredients with functional and beneficial properties. Not only are Korean cosmetics effective but they are also recognized for their cute creative approach to packaging.

In Korea good skincare is not a luxury it is made affordable and available to everyone, cosmetic shops are conveniently found on most street corners and even in subways. Companies sell the best products at reasonable prices and constantly keep researching and innovating to meet the consumer demands for the most effective and gentle skin solutions. 

In Korea dewy skin is in! And that doesn't mean your skin looks oily, it means that your skin has a healthy dewy glow because of ample hydration and nourishment. A bright, firm and even skin tone with a dewy glow is the goal! In Korea the no-makeup look is very popular, with a clear complexion and minimal imperfections they can go with a natural makeup look and still look radiant. 

Korean skincare might be a new and exciting approach for you to consider. I look forward to sharing more about my K-beauty experience and why these products appeal to me. Until next time!

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